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麻婆 (Ma Po) Tofu, your introduction to Sichuan Pepper

Ma Po Tofu, one of the most well known Sichuan Style in Chinese cuisine. It is rich, hot, refreshing and lips tingling, perfect for a cold evening enjoyed with a bowl of freshly boiled rice.

This fab dished was invested in ChengDu City in South West China back in 1862 by a restaurant owner name Ma Po, The tofu in it is silky soft, soaked up and coated in big flavours, every mouthful is a explosion on your tongue!

The signature spice used in this dish is the fabulous Sichuan pepper. This spice is native Chinese, has a almost floral smell and when you bit into it, oh boy, it hits you with a lip and tongue tingling numbing sensation that unlike anything you ever experienced!

make sure to order your banquet in November to try this great dish!

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