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How to get the most out of your Chinese Tea

With every order of Golden Rickshaw banquet, you will get a little packet of Oolong tea leaves. I am going to take you through how to make the best cup of Chinese Oolong tea.

First of all, get a clay tea pot, try to avoid metal ones if you can, and find the smallest tea cups you have in the house.

Boil some water. empty the tea leaves into the tea pot, then add a cupful of boiling water into the pot, swirl around then immediately pour the water out over the cups you are using. This will wake up the leaves so they are ready to release their beautiful flavours, and also the hot water will warm up the cups so the tea will not cool down too quickly when you drink. Empty the cups and ready for the tea.

Now it's time to pour boiling water into the pot for the second time. We don't want the tea leaves to release all its flavour all at once, so only pour in enough water to fill the small cups once. then leave the water in for about 20 seconds, then pour all the tea out into the cups, now you are ready to enjoy your tea. These tea leaves can be brewed for 5-6 times, so pour more boiling water into the pot when you are ready for you next cup.

Before drinking the tea, it is nice to breath in the fragrance first, then slowly taking small sips, without adding milk or sugar, you will find yourself realising how much flavour the Oolong tea has, and how the flavours change with each brew.

The Oolong tea I have selected for you is particularly fragrant, you will taste the floral notes easily.

What a refreshing and cleansing finish to a wonderful Chinese banquet!

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