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December, Let's Party



Dim Sum Section (choose two)


Cha Siu Bao Buns

Steamed bread buns filled with BBQ pork in a sweet onion sauce. the original burger, some may say.

Contain sesame oil, soya, oyster sauce, wheat flour


Wonton Soup

A light chicken and seaweed broth with wonton parcel, which is very thin wheat flour pastry wrap around a pork and Chinese leaf filling. Served with fragrant aged Chinkiang vinegar.

Contain sesame oil, oyster sauce, wheat flour


Scallion Hand Cut Noodles

Flat noodles cut from a hand kneaded dough, with a fragrant scallion sauce.

Contain wheat flour, sesame seeds.


The Mains Section (choose three)


Braised Egg Dumplings (蛋饺)

Thin delicate egg omelette wrap around minced pork filling, braised in a light and flavoursome soup with vegetables. Great with rice, warming and satisfying. Contain eggs, sesame oil.


Mum’s Tofu

Tofu fried to create an outer layer, then braised with mushrooms and vegetables, so juicy and tasty! Contain soya, oyster sauce


Shui Zhu (Spicy Soup) Beef

Thinly sliced beef steak, layered with Chinese leaves in a fragrant and spicy soup flavoured with chilli, garlic and Sichuan pepper. Contain sesame oil, soya, oyster sauce


Sweet and Sour Aubergine

Soft aubergine in a sweet and sour sauce, surprisingly delicious. Contain soya, sesame oil, suitable for vegans.


Serve with

Jasmine Rice

Granny Cooper’s Apple Pie

 Contain Wheat flour, egg, dairy

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