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April, Enjoy the Brighter days

a bit about your dishes

Qing Ming is a time to celebrate clearer and brighter days of late spring.  It is also time for spring school trip to the countryside, every city child looks forward to it all year, for the wonderful fresh air, warm sunshine, picnics and a lot of fun and laughter.


Nettle Sticky Rice Bun

Mugwort is wildly used in Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatments. The fresh new growth in spring is used to make Qing Tuan (green sticky rice buns). Our nettle has a similar flavour to mugwort, so, enjoy!


Asparagus Fried Rice

Nothing says more springtime than the fresh asparagus. It has a similar texture and sweetness to the Chinese seasonal ingredient, the bamboo shoots. Enjoy every mouthful that bursts with crunch, sweetness, and freshness.


Steamed Bao Buns

Steamed bao bun is one of the must have  offerings in ceremonies. These filled steamed bread rolls are so soft and light.


Sweet and Sour Fish

This dish is named pinecone fish, for its appearance. The scoring of the fish created more surface and contact with the coating also helps the fish being cooked quickly and evenly, and take on more flavoursome sauce.


Sticky Rice Chicken

This is a version of the famous Cantonese Sticky Rice Chicken Wrap. Wrapping rice and meat in lettuce leaf is a tradition in southern China for the Spring picnics.


YuXiang Tofu 

Yuxiang is a signature flavour combination in Sichuan Cuisine, it combines sweet, savoury, and sour, very fragrant.


Spicy Cauliflower stir fry

This is a dish showcases the Chinese stir fry cooking so well. This is a very simply dish elevated onto a different level of deliciousness by using the high heat and adding flavouring at the right moment.


Jasmine Rice

Chinese jasmine rice is different from rice in other cuisines around the world, we like it soft and fragrant but not too sticky.


Mango Cheesecake.

The beautiful smooth mango puree added a touch of orient to the classic cheesecake.

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