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October, enjoy the golden autumn days

a bit about your dishes

When the cooler autumn wind puts red gold and yellow on the trees, Chinese people start to put warming and comforting food on their dinner tables, to nourish the body and prepare for the colder days to come.


Bao Buns with Shitake Mushrooms and Pak Choi

Bao Buns are eaten all year round in China, but there is something very comforting about holding a warm steaming soft bao bun in your hands this time of the year!


Savoury Bo Chang

This time every year, fresh sausages are made and left to dry in the crisp autumn sun.  A sticky rice dough mixed with delicious, chopped sausage are stretch out on the pan and fried to bring out the best flavour of the sausage and mushrooms. Another famous home comfort from Guangdong province.


Fried Vegetarian Dumplings

Although dumplings are mainly regarded as northern Chinese food, Cantonese people made them with different fillings, steamed then fried, a lovely dim sum dish.


ShaCha Beef in a Pot

ShaCha sauce from Guangdong province is similar to Satay sauce in Southeast Asia cuisine, but more fragrant. It works very well with beef. Simply cooked in a pot giving you the best flavour.


Chinese Gunpowder Chicken

The Chinese gun powder is ground toasted Sichuan, black and white peppers with salt, it gets the name for the dark appearance and fiery flavour. A dish surely to warm you up.


Nutty Eggs with Spinach

The humble eggs made into lovely golden ribbons, when mixed with this fragrant sauce and soft spinach, it will suddenly wake up your taste buds!


Stir Fried Pak Choi

Cantonese almost always cook their vegetables as simply as possible to best show case the sweetness and natural flavour of the veg. Try this for yourself, you might just fall in love with this way of cooking.


Jasmine Rice

Plain jasmine rice with a subtle aroma accompanies the flavoursome dishes perfectly.


Mango chiffon cake

Without any raising agent, chiffon cake depends on whipped egg white to incorporate air, so the cake is much lighter and fluffier. The sweet and aromatic mango is also a favourite Chinese flavour.

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