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The Dragon has arrived!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

We are officially in the year of dragon. This dragon belongs to the wood element, so it is one with hope and growth and new beginnings.

Chinese dragon is actually made up with 9 different animals, can you find them in the picture above? Historians believe that this happened when different kingdoms and tribes with their own animal totem merged together, each take part of their own animal and together they form a new symbol, eventually a dragon image is formed. What a wonderful example of diversity, inclusion and being stronger together!

On my menu this month, is my family traditional dish for Chinese New Year's eve dinner, the wok fried sticky rice. My dad used to make it for us every year, and it has always been the eagerly anticipated high light of the dinner. The sticky rice have to be soaked for a few hours, so are the shiitake mushrooms, and dried shrimps. When cooking it, the chopped ginger garlic and spring onions are fried first, then in with the chop up chicken meat and Chinese sausages, Followed by the mushrooms and dried shrimps, then add the raw sticky rice. From here on, it is pure elbow grease time, as you have to keep stir the rice around while it is cooking in the wok, to make sure they don't stick to the bottom and are cooked through evenly. It will take about half an hour of hard work, then there you are, a bowl of wok fried sticky rice bursting with flavours!

Head over to order the February banquet and taste this wonderful dish before it is gone

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