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Moon festival, time to think about the family near and far

Traditional Chinese calendar is lunar based, so the movement and changes of the moon play important parts in our lives. We all notice the cycle of the moon every month, the complete dark nights, the new moon, the bright full moon, and naturally, we all have a big party with friends and family on the night the moon is fullest and brightest of the year, the Moon festival, which falls today 10th September this year. So go on, have a party with friends or have a drink with your family to celebrate Moon festival tonight!

For the Moon festival, people all over China would try to have dinner with their family then all sit somewhere under the moon to enjoy moon cakes, fruit and other snacks together. Chinese social media platforms are flooded with good wishes and festive greetings. For people like me who can not be home with their families, the emotion of nostalgia can be quite raw. Thinking of all the people in the world who have been separated from their families, I wish for a more peaceful world, and everyone a harmonious life.

This is the traditional food everyone east at Moon Festival, the moon cake! Although the fillings and pastries can be different in different regions of China, the message is always the same, they are the symbol of togetherness and harmony.

So I will leave you with the 1000 old Chinese poem: Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu, Qian Li Gong Chan Juan (但愿人长久,千里共婵娟. Hope we all live a long life so we can share this beautiful moon light for a long time to come even we are a thousand miles apart). happy Moon festival, everyone!

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