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Who knew ground elder can taste so good!

Hi, guys, have you got these in your garden? They grow so fast and can suffocate other less rigorous plants easily. As you are all trying to get rid of them, it might came as good news that they are actually edible and delicious!

Ground elder was introduced to the British isles in Roman times as a vegetable. It's fresh young stem and leaves can be used as a vegetable in a stir fry, or as a herb replacing parsley in any cooked dish or salad.

Ground elder has a very similar appearance to the elder tree leaves but they grow directly from roots in the ground like other grassy plants. They also have a parsley like smell.

Once picked and washed, I will quickly blench them in boiling water and cook them with a little ginger and garlic in a stir fry. on the May menu, the ground elder was chopped and mixed with ginger, spring onion and minced pork to form a delicious filling for wonton. order your banquet this month to taste this unusual vegetable.

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