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The Year of the Tiger

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

The Chinese New Year is here! 1st February was the New Year's day and we are welcoming the Year of the Tiger!

I was actually born in the year of tiger, so this year in my "Ben Ming Nian" which means "own zodiac animal Year". Traditionally people would wear red underwear in their "Ben Ming Nian", but don't ask me if I will do that or not though.

We believe things can get a bit extreme in your "Ben Ming Nian", either badly wrong or fantastically right. So far mine had always been really good, so I am looking forward to some great things happening this year. A lot more of you get to know and love the fab Chinese Banquet golden rickshaw offers will be brilliant!

Happy Chinese New Year to you all, and wish you a fabulous year of the tiger!

Let's celebrate with lots of Chinese food!

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