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Your first taste of tofu

We all know tofu is full of plant protein and very good for you, and would like to try it. However, many of you have told me that you find it hard to get your head around the taste and texture of tofu. I know! right? it is a kind of alien thing to people who's taste buds are used to strong and rich flavours. In China, people are always after soft, smooth tofu with a fragrance of fresh soy beans, but these kind of delicate texture and flavour takes time to learn to appreciate, we need to be introduced to it gently


Well, Here is your chance to have your first taste of tofu and fall in love with it. I have added this crispy tofu dish to my July menu. Small cubes of tofu coated in a flour mix flavoured with sage ad black pepper, fried to crispy outside soft and smooth inside, then coated in a vegetable and salty duck egg sauce. a perfectly tasty vegetarian dish.

look at the golden crispy outside layer! These little cubes are so refreshing and tasty!

I have made these salty duck eggs myself a couple of month ago with free range duck eggs, they turn out really well! After baked in the oven, these yolks give the sauce a really rich texture and flavour.

make sure to order your July banquet soon if you would like to try this wonderful dish!

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